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Mandilakhe Yengo videography
Alude Mahali performance
Gary Cummiskey poetry

This video was produced in PAL, in 2009. Duration: 2min 51sec. The spoken language is English.


MPEG-4 version: standard definition, 480 x 360 px
Windows Media Video version: standard definition, 320 x 240 px

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(Un)veiling explores voyeurism and the power of the gaze. In the midst of the bustle of constrained living spaces in the city, privacy becomes a necessity but isn't always a given. The city has eyes; it covers and uncovers and someone is always watching, hidden or revealed. Using the poem “Corner Café” by Gary Cummiskey, as its premise, (Un)veiling looks at the fine line between seeing, being seen and not seeing.


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