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Anni Snyman

Anni Snyman completed her BA Fine Art (Graphic Design) at the University of Stellenbosch in 1985. After spending several years working as a graphic designer, she researched and taught creative process for most of the 1990's at the AAA School of Advertising and Vega, The School of Brand Communication. In 2003 she initiated the first Imagination Lab, under the guidance of Gordon Cook. Since 2001 she has participated in various exhibitions and is known as a project manager and curator.

Anni Snyman and Erica Lüttich
Anni Snyman & Erica Lüttich

video: I Lost a Poem, featured in City Breath

Snyman conceptualised and curated Searching for a Saviour (Museum Africa - 2004) and Ansisters (The Old Fort, Constitution Hill - 2005). She spent August 2006 in New York as a fellow of the Ampersand Foundation. In 2010, she developed a course in Disobedience Training with Eugenie Grobler, and worked on a novel titled Jam. Both these projects are thematically linked to Trans_end, a cyber constellation by the digital artist Katty Vandenberghe.

Erica Lüttich

Erica Lüttich studied at Ruth Prowse College of Art before becoming a film editor, and holds a BA Fine Arts from UNISA. Since 1985 she has worked with many well known directors in the Johannesburg film industry and contributed to several international productions. In 2003, she spent six months in Paris working on a documentary series dealing with Mothers and Daughters in Africa.

Her collaborative work with the Boitumelo Arts/Craft Community Development Project in Hillbrow since 2002 not only addresses past histories but also develops individual creativity, economic empowerment and a sense of self. While working with Erica, Boitumelo was awarded the FNB Craft Now 2004 as well as the Ekurhuleni Art Competition 2006 for Sculpture.

In addition to her work in the above arenas, Erica also continually produces art in various media including photography, video, installations and sculpture. She was the winner of the 2008 International Photo Competition "The main thing is work?"