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Colleen Alborough & Joăo Orecchia creative collaboration

This video was produced in PAL, in 2009. Duration: 2min 51sec. The spoken language is English.


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Between is an exploration of Johannesburg city space. It considers how daily movement through exterior city space infiltrates and affects your interior world. Between tracks a turbulent journey along a tarred road. It traces the tarmac and the road-markings along the way. Its pace is fast and creates a disorienting viewing experience, as the road-markings and sounds are animated in sync with the speed of the journey. It explores the pace of Johannesburg and the constant, dizzying speed that embodies our way of being in this city.


This video is published here by permission of the producer.

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This video does not exist in high-definition (HD) video. The original was created using only standard-definition (SD) production equipment.