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Colleen Alborough

Colleen Alborough Colleen Alborough is a digital multimedia artist living and working in Johannesburg. She completed her BA (Fine Arts) with distinction at the University of the Witwatersrand, and is currently completing a MA (Fine Arts) at the same institution.

As an artist Alborough is interested in the intersection between traditional art media and new technologies. This includes creating experimental installation spaces that encourage the viewer to explore and interact with the work in order

Colleen Alborough and Joćo Orecchia
Colleen Alborough and Joćo Orecchia

video: Between, featured in City Breath

to complete the narrative of the installation. She has presented labor intensive environments and digital applications and animations, which are combined into evocative and experiential spaces that foreground questions around identity, memory, social interactions and responsibilities and the exploration of self.

Joćo Orecchia

Joćo Orecchia is an electro acoustic musician based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His is a process orientated practice, mixing improvisation with loosely precomposed material, finding joy in “accidents” and “mistakes”. Joćo has collaborated with many fine artists and arts organizations from around South Africa. Focusing on alternative sound approaches he has been exploring ideas of randomness, composition based on source material from field recordings and the effect this can have on an audience's perception of space or image.

Prior to Johannesburg, Joćo spent several years in Berlin, Germany, where he composed music for theater, film and dance performance. Joćo's music has been released on several albums and compilations in Germany and New Zealand. His newest album, Hands and Feet was released in 2009.